Young woman

"In around September/October, I started Zumba with Nadera. From the first class, I instantly got the feeling that she was friendly, caring, honest and she enjoyed what she does. I am still currently attending her Zumba classes and she has encouraged me to keep up with my fitness as it will help me in the long run and her classes are very motivating. I have bought two of my friends to the classes because Nadera is very good with her teaching skills. I look forward to her classes each week. Keep up with the good work Nadera I really enjoy the classes."

Haleema K

"My name is Noreen, I am a mother of 3 children and I have had high blood pressure for years. After I came to England, I met Nadera Amini who gave me support with this problem. In one whole year, I have been attempting Zumba and it has helped me get better. Now my blood pressure has been cured, including my stress. I love Zumba and I think Nadera has earned this role." - Noreen T

"My name is Shamsa, I am a mother of 3 children and for the past 3 years I have had pain in my left arm. Due to this, I have been in a lot of stress. With the help of my good friend (Nadera Amini), it was cured. This was because of her expert skills in homoeopathic medicine. She encouraged me to come to Zumba classes and stay fit and healthy. I love it! All because of her help I have stayed fit and healthy, she is an amazing instructor and I think she deserves to have this role." - Shamsa

"I’ve been attending this Zumba class and I’ve felt so much different from being lazy to energetic I used to get muscle pains but I’ve started attending this class I’ve felt a lot of differences she has a brilliant personality she explains all the exercises we do and what effects they have I am wanting to continue with this class. Thank you so much Nadera." - Saima K

Young woman

"Nadera is a brilliant trainer. She has helped me a lot with my fitness. She practices different types of exercise and workout. She conducts safe, effective, professional and well-organized training sessions for the whole class. Thanks for helping me to keep myself fit and healthy." - Saima P