Young woman

"My name is Tanzeela and I have 4 children. I came to England as a refugee and before that, I lived in different European countries. Due to my travelling and living in different places, I never got the opportunity to care for myself and forgot about exercising. Now I live in Bradford and here I met Nadera. Nadera organises a mixed exercise class for Refugee Christmas party.

One of my daughters is physically disabled and I always keep her with me as well as my 1-year old son. Nadera was teaching us to dance to different types of music and dance styles, which reminded me of my home country. I joined her class and really had fun. Even my daughter joined in and we both were encouraged to exercise the way we were able to and she always smiled at us to appreciate our involvement.

The journey began from that day as Nadera spoke to me in my language and I could explain my fears to her and set back to go out for exercise classes. She listened to me like a good sister and gave examples of also having 5 children, but making time to workout for health and mental wellbeing.

She offered me lifts to classes and also allowed me to take my kids along and made sure they were with me in a secure area, while I join her exercise classes. The good thing is, I picked up lots of new English words and new exercise skills to do at home with my kids too. It is the first time I have ever done proper exercises in my life as I mainly lived a housebound life, which can be more depressing as I didn't have my closest ones with me.

Her classes are like a family gathering for me and I meet so many other women from all backgrounds and make new friends. Mentally and physically, I feel so much better and I have lost a few inches due to healthy eating tips that Nadera gives me in her workshops. She often visits me at home, when I don't come to her classes to give me some time to workout at home, especially in the icy weathe. This keeps me motivated. My children are also happy as I don’t get stressed too much and I can overcome my fears and trauma as my mind is much clearer and I feel happy about myself now. I am hoping to learn driving so I can join all her different classes."

Tanzeela M

Young woman

"My Journey started when I met Nadera Amini and she inspired me as well as many other women in the community. Losing weight was so hard for me in the beginning so I was glad to have met Nadera. She inspired me so much. She was in shape herself and was full of so much knowledge. She helped me find the exact workout and strategy that worked for my body. She helped not only lose weight but keep the weight off.

Nadera encouraged me to join the classes that she held in the community. I followed her to wherever she was holding classes. I went from community centres, youth centres, gyms and even faith centres. I didn’t care as long as she was holding the classes as I knew only her classes could get me the best results. I went to Aerobics, Legs/Bums and Tums, Yoga, Pilates, Insanity and Full Body Workout. I began to realize that her role as a trainer included her role as a fitness companion on my journey. As exercising became part of my regular regime I noticed something that I had never experienced before… I was starting to enjoy and look forward to training - and I was looking great. I have seen an amazing difference over the years. I have lost weight. I was size 14 in clothes and now am a size 10. She encourages us during the classes to work harder and is continuously pushing us and guiding us on the right techniques during her classes as well giving us excellent nutritional advice.

Her latest passion was to hold classes for women and girls with disabilities encouraging them to stay active and motivated and working faith centres and religious groups so she can target women from different ethnic backgrounds and races. She now holds classes for these groups in the community on a regular weekly basis."

Mansoora A

"I was inspired a few years ago by Nadera Amini who had a deep passion to make a difference to me losing weight and changing my lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating.  This is something she encouraged within the community. To push women to work on their health and make a difference to their wellbeing both mentally and physically.

I was a mother who had 2 children and was on the heavy side. I always managed to lose a bit of weight and then put it on back again.  I used to spend so much time on the treadmill slaving away and never really made much of a difference and I found it so boring. Then after meeting Nadera - Fitness Instructor, Message Therapist & Health & Nutritionalist, she encouraged me to attend regular classes from Full Body Workout, Aerobics, Legs/Bums and Tums and Tight and Tone. I couldn’t believe how enjoyable the classes were compared to the gym. I became addicted.

Nadera even had discussions with us after each class, advising me and other women to eat healthy. Knowing exactly what I should be eating for energy and strength, I became stronger and fitter. I was having oats in the morning with berries in it. I eat more nuts, seeds and eggs. I started making my own home-made salads (which were so delicious and full of protein) and smoothies. I was also encouraged by Nadera to replace coffee and tea with plenty of water and green tea. She also recommended herbal drinks which really made me feel healthy and full of energy.

All I can say is that I have learnt so much from Nadera. Her nutritional advice has been amazing. I have learnt that it is about making a healthy lifestyle change. You can still enjoy your food and eat healthy and enjoy exercises."

Famida M

"Nadera Amini has been a Zumba instructor at Killinghall Primary School since 3rd October 2016. She has delivered weekly Zumba sessions to our parents; this includes high-intensity training using a variety of sporting techniques. More recently her sessions includes Pilates and yoga stretches. This gives the ladies a whole body workout. In her current programme, she has introduced a nutrition and healthy lifestyle session where the adults can discuss the different food groups, the different forms of sugar, fats, and vitamins. She delivers her nutrition session by showing examples of sugars, so parents can see for themselves what is available to them and how to source such products.

Her style and approach to parents is always professional, she uses a personal approach which allows others to feel relaxed and comfortable. She is dedicated and her holistic approach to health and fitness has been welcomed and appreciated by the students she has taught.

I would recommend Nadera to others who are seeking a professional to teach Zumba."

Shaheen K

"When I started Zumba class with Nadera, about two years ago, I had no idea what Zumba is and what to do. Nadera is one of the teachers who always encourages us to do this class. She always teaches us whichever ways to feel comfortable and treats us equally. She's a really nice person with a good personality and a great instructor.

I'm really thankful to Nadera. What I have learned from her is great and it has been a good experience to learn with her. I'm glad she is our instructor and I am really proud to be her student. If anyone wants to join Zumba, I will always recommend her because she is the best teacher. She is very helpful and friendly. I really enjoyed her class."

Nazma B

"I am just one of the many ladies that go to Zumba classes run by Nadera Amini. At the start, I was a bit shy and scared about how the class was going to start. I was thinking, is it going to be too fast for me? I felt really welcomed and comfortable about what we would do in the class. Everything was explained in detail. The instructor was always asking how we felt and how we were finding the class. It felt like an exciting journey to take and from then, I carried on coming to her classes. They have helped me maintain my weight, build up some muscles and learn how easy it is once you start. I've also introduced it to my family at home and aim to keep fit."

Zanab S